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Turkey Brining

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Wet Brining


1-1 ½ jars Sonoma Spice Queen Turkey Brine

1-1 ½ gallons cold water


  1. In a heavy stock pot add SSQ turkey brine to 1gallon cold water for 12-14 LB turkey and 1 ½ -gallon cold water for 15-20 LB turkey

  2. Dissolve turkey brine in water on medium low heat

  3. Cool water mixture

  4. Place turkey into heavy duty brining bag and place inside large roasting pan

  5. Carefully poor brining liquid into brining bag and squeeze out as much air as possible

  6. Use a twist tie to seal bag closed and refrigerate

  7. Let turkey brine over night or up to 18 hours

  8. Rinse turkey and pat dry

Dry Brining


1 -1 ½ jars of SSQ turkey brine


  1. Cover turkey completely

  2. Use 1 jar brine for 12-14 LB turkey and 1 ½ jars for 15-20

  3. Put turkey in brining bag and set in a roasting pan

  4. Use a twist tie to seal the bag and refrigerate

  5. Brine overnight or up to 16 hours

  6. Rinse and pat dry

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